2018 Arizona AMEA Music Educator's Conference. Learn strategies for addressing common pitch-issues in your music classroom and choir rehearsals. If you struggle with boys changing voices, pitch matching challenges, droners and monotone singers, or singers who may be 'tone deaf', this session will help you address their struggles and help all students improve their musical skills.

At the Eastern Division Conference for the Organization of American Kodály Educators I gave a presentation (and live demonstration!) of how to work with singers who struggle to match pitch and how to empower people to see themselves as singers.

I was blessed to speak about the power of singing to bond communities and families at the 2013 Maine District III Elementary Choral Festival. To learn more or to bring me to work with your choir, school, church, or community, please email TopherKeene@gmail.com

At the state music educator's conference in Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to guide a group of professionals through a new way of looking at music literacy and sight reading in their classrooms. An excellent primer on using Solfège to develop reading skills in your singers.

At the 2012 MA NAfME Conference I gave a workshop session on how to lead a community sing. Through combining traditional folk melodies in an "I sing, you sing, we sing" style, quick bonds are formed and beautiful music rings out.

At the University of Maine leading a quick community sing with an audience of several hundred 'non-singers'.  Wade in the Water is one of my all-time favorite African-American Spirituals.

High school, middle school, elementary school singers and their parents and teachers are led in a magical arrangement of partner songs. Over 1000 people singing in the room!

Maine District 3 Honors Festival Chorus "Sansa Kroma" a Ghanan round