Math/SAT Tutoring

He got an A- in geometry this term. Other than vocal ensemble, this was his best grade (though he is really doing phenomenally well in all his subjects).
For comparison sake, in the first grading period of last year he got a D in algebra.
We are thrilled.
— Judi M, Parent

I came to professional music very late.  For years math was my greatest passion.  I was a dedicated, award-winning Mathlete through elementary and middle school.

I've been tutoring math since 3rd grade, when my teacher asked me to help the 2nd graders after school. It is a labor of love and a deep-seated passion. In high school I achieved perfect scores on AP Calculus and 790/800 math SAT scores (2300 Total). In 2011 I successfully tested in the top 1% of IQ worldwide, qualifying for membership in MENSA. In 2015 I tested in the top 0.01% of IQ worldwide, qualifying for the Triple 9 Society.

Math tutoring and SAT/ACT prep are my specialties, other subjects can be accommodated by request.

Test preparation and content review is supported with instruction carefully aligned to current research in brain science, motivational psychology, and educational psychology.

Primary focuses include fostering a growth mindset, promoting proper myelination of neural circuits, overcoming test anxiety, and encouraging single-tasking and careful attention to detail.

At the end of the day, the goal is the same in teaching singing, writing, math, or any subject: to instill a love of the subject, and a desire to learn and improve.  When the student can learn to love math and become curious about it, all they need is a little guidance and the proper tools to be able to soar.