Make Crappy Art



I recently came across a forum post of a young artist asking for help freeing themselves from the perfectionism and fear preventing them from putting their art into the world.

Here's the best advice I've got, I hope it may be helpful when you face the dark terror of producing art.

I've worked with many artists, especially in their late teens early 20s, who are TERRIFIED of going out into the world without something perfect. They listen to the best artists out there and compare themselves to that highest 1% of history while their own work is still developing.

First, watch this, the most important 2:00 of your day:

Now watch it every day before you start your art making

Then, I have an assignment for you, but only if you're ready to be a real artist.

You have one problem.

It isn't a lack of perfection.

A lack of skill.

A lack of ability.

It is a lack of FAILURES.

You haven't failed enough to be good yet.

You may have failed a lot, but go out and make them big and public.

Your assignment?

100 Crappy Pieces of Art.

Songs, pages, blogposts, whatever.

You MUST produce BAD art.

You might get lucky, fail once or twice, and produce something kinda good.

You might not.

But you'll learn to overcome your fear of shipping and putting real art into the world.

Good luck, PM me anytime, and go make art!

Finding the Music in You

"I'd love to sing, play the piano, write a novel, paint, dance but it's too late to learn"

There was a time when the average human lifespan was 35, in those days, your late 20s may have been too late to start something so ambitious and be truly great.

but if you are under 40, you still have (on average) about half your life left.

If there are people your age doing amazing things, you have as much time as they've taken to become great to become great yourself.

And if you're older, you have so much more experience and knowledge and resources to bring to bear on what you want to achieve.  An 84 year old man recently climbed Everest, what are you doing lately?

The thing is, technique, the actual physical mechanics of doing whatever it is you want to do, is not that complicated in any field.

Even the most complex fields can be mastered technically in a matter of a few years.

The trick is the art.

The "music" of whatever you do.

Einstein wasn't great because he was better at math and physics than his peers, but because he had a vision for beauty and art in what he did, and while many were searching for complex explanations of natural phenomena, old Al saw that the universe was beautiful, and any explanations must be beautiful as well, he knew that a solution wasn't quite right until it was beautiful in it's simplicity and form.

Find your beauty.

Find in your eye and ear and heart that unique perspective on the world.

Then find the medium to express it in.

We need to see what you see, hear what you hear, share in your beauty and art.

We need your music.