What is an Open Masters?

Open Master's is a community of learners supporting each other as they grow and develop. We work toward self-defined goals and focus on producing real work and sharing it with the world rather than accumulating credentials. We design our own education and work as a community to help each other. As they state on their website:

It's an unconventional education you design for yourself around a vision of the person you want to become.

We use it to bring focus and structure to our long-term goals, and to weave together all of the different things we want to do to get there, such as readingcourses, work, travelapprenticeships, and dream projects.

Just like college, learning is more fun with others.

We organize our own small, informal learning communities to learn together and to hold each other accountable to our visions. 

Because we do not organize formal courses or confer degrees, some say that we are like a homeschooling network for adults.


My Open Master's Journey

In October 2015 I started working toward an Open Master's focused on building a publishing and coaching business helping people learn to use their voices to express themselves. I've taught singing and public speaking for my whole career and have built a reputation as a professional singer and public speaker, and I want to help others achieve their singing and speaking goals.

The Open Master's project will focus on four elements: Study, Share, Create, Connect

Study: Read, listen, and watch the best material from people who've accomplished similar goals. Seth Godin, Austin Kleon, Blake Boles, CGP Grey, Michael Port, Nick Page, Ryan Guth, Tim Ferriss, Dan Pink, Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert, John Armstrong, Tucker Max, Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt, James Altucher, Derek Sivers

Share: Taking careful notes and putting out the best of what I learn for others to learn from as well

Create: Using what I learn to create ebooks, books, podcasts, videos, and other material that can help others, build a brand, and produce income

Connect: Bring others together in a community of like-minded artists and learners to support each other, hold each other accountable, learn and work together, and grow.

The project is slated to last from 2016-2017, with the goal of 5 published books, 100 podcast episodes, 2 online courses, 100 book reviews, 100 community members, and 50 Patreon Supporters by 1/1/2018. In addition, between coaching, speaking, royalties, teaching, and performing, the goal will be for the business to break 6-Figures in revenue in 2017 ($8,333 for the month of December 2018).