Voice and Music Lessons

I was blown away by the things you were saying - and feel as if Amanda learned in that one hour more than she’s learned in a year of voice/piano!

I only wish we had known you a year ago!
Your enthusiasm, experience and passion are amazing!
— Kathy Horrigan, Parent

I have been teaching group and private music lessons for nearly a decade. In recent years, the studio has become more selective, tailoring instruction to match students who plan on pursuing music for the rest of their lives, either vocationally or as a hobby. 

Students focus on four main proficiencies:

    Core Vocal Technique: Breathing, Posture, Intonation, Tone, Rhythmic Integrity, Style

    Aural Literacy: Understanding the Language of Music

    Repertoire: Building a Body of Quality Performance Pieces

    Audition/Performance Skills: Applying the Above in the Real World

Students vary in age and ability level, but are unified in their love of music, desire to improve, and commitment to a lifetime of active participation in music.

Students generally focus on Voice, Beginning Piano, or Music Theory, though many enter the studio looking for a “music mentor” and just want to learn everything at once.  I have a deep passion for mentoring those who seek to make music their career, either as performers or educators. My goal is for every student that works for me to achieve their dreams with music and performance, landing the roles they desire, nailing their auditions, becoming more passionate, expressive, and effective performers over time, and building a career in the arts if that's the path they choose. Videos of students are featured below, if you are interested in releasing recorded music or starting a YouTube channel for your singing, I'm happy to help!

Where do I start?  Check out my "Level 1 Vocal Exercises" below:

Featured Students: