Welcome Choir Nation!

Thanks for listening to my interview on the Find Your Forte Podcast with Ryan Guth

I had a great time meeting Ryan in person and conducting his choir, Viridis, that evening. I wanted to take a moment to share some resources with you in case you were interested.  Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn and feel free to reach out there or by emailing TopherKeene@Gmail.com

If you're interested in learning more about online voice lessons feel free to reach out and we can chat, or if you know students who'd like to work with me I'd be happy to offer a complementary first coaching session to any members of Choir Nation or your students.

If you're interested in my upcoming book "S.I.N.G. A 4-Step Process for Finding Your Voice and Curing "I Can't Sing"', you can download a free sample of the final chapters titled 'Singing Makes You an Artist, And Art Makes You Human'

PDF Handout: Raise Every Voice: Strategies for Curing "I Can't Sing" - 2015 OAKE Eastern Division